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Snyder, Tobias 130303-4
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Tobias Snider (1830-1916).

Brother of Jacob Snider.

1848-1849, Hollidaysburg, Blair County
1850-1855, Liberty Township, Bedford County
1857-1884, Saxton, Bedford County

[Gunsmiths of Bedford, Huntingdon, Fulton, & Somerset Counties by James
B. Whisker and Larry Yantz; Track of the Wolf, 2001]

/Tobias Snider was born in Hopewell township. His maternal grandfather,
Mr. Helsel, was an early settler on Dunning's creek. His father, Abraham
Snider, came from Adams county when young, and located in the same
settlement. Tobias was one of ten children. He settled in Woodcock
valley, where he married Susan, daughter of George F. Steel. While
living in the valley he worked at gunsmithing. In 1863-4 he was in the
government employ at Washington. In 1867 he came to Saxton, kept the
Burnet house, and was contractor on the railroad. In 1869 Mr. Snider
engaged in general mercantile business as one of the firm of Snider,
Berkstresser & Rhodes. In 1870-1 he carried on the business alone. For
the last six years he has been engaged in the lumber and bark trade. /

[History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania;
Chicago: Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1884]

Barrel- slightly tapered .97"- .91" and 42 1/16" long. Deeply rifled- 8
grooves. About 38cal.
Butt width- .99",  height-  3.13".
LOP- 13 1/8"


A clean example of Snyder's work.
This is a dandy piece and is almost purely Huntingdon County in crafting and execution. The only concession to Bedford seems to be the patchbox finial. The condition of this gun is very fine and looks to be in a nice, 'as found' condition. Some full length photos would be appreciated to get an idea as to whether this is a short gun with a heavy barrel or a longer, sleeker rifle. Coming out of that school, it could go either way. Think that the owner would consider trading full shots for the take down photos?
As to finish, the engraving is quite nice, and the black piano finish on the stock is very fine. I see that there is some folded fabric in the patchbox and one wonders if there is a cleaning tool wrapped in it? If so, it should probably be shown as these are not always encountered.
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