Author Topic: J. S. Burson, Master Gunsmith of Wabash, Indiana by Bob Baitinger ( A relative)  (Read 7356 times)

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J.S. Burson  ( By R. S. Baitinger)

His home and shop

His guns on display by R. S. Baitinger

Family Historical Data

Gun 1

Gun 2

Gun 3

Gun 4

Gun 5

Gun 6

Gun 7

Gun 8

Gun 9


This will make a wonderful addition to the Library.  It is not often that we see this much material on, as well as examples by, a particular maker.
This is an unexpected treat! It is always a pleasure to have access to biographical information on the makers. I would like to commend the genealogist for compiling and sharing this data. I have seen one Burson gun but didn't have sense enough to buy it, but quickly saw that he was very accomplished in his work.
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