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Gentlemen: RE: MASTERPIECES OF THE AMERICAN LONG RIFLE:  The highlights of the Kindig Collection in magnificent detail and high quality color

This book was not intended to give readers the total story of America's long rifles. It is a preview of the most famous and largest collection of long rifles by one man during his antiques career.  We felt strongly about highlighting the artistic aspects of the rifles - just as Old Joe did - with no attempt to re-hash the history or the shooting efficiency of the rifle. No doubt there are some mistakes with attributions or dates, etc. as with any such effort, however It is our hope the book gives the reader a better appreciation of the long rifle as another form of American's artistic expression.

You may order books at that $70.00 + $5.00 shipping from Eastwind....and yes we do have them. Books are being shipped now, in the order we received payments. With hundreds of back orders we expect all books to be in the mail by mid-week of next week.
Any questions call/write:

Eastwind Publishing

 1. I can send order cards to anyone giving me their address---both email and slow mail. Send to

2. And yes,we will be at the Baltimore Show with all of our books at table U01 - far left into the main door on the aisle.

Patrick Hornberger
Eastwind Publishing

Patrick Hornberger
4302 Baildon Road
Trappe, MD USA
Cell: 410-370-1959[/center]

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