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Henry Sheetz (090112-1)
« on: January 14, 2009, 11:42:42 PM »
Subject:  Longrifle

Orgin:   Shepherdstown, Berkely County W.Va.  (VA)
Maker:   Henry Sheetz

History & Comments:  None Known at this time.  I bought it a couple days ago and no history was available.  It was in a gun/pawn shop because the former owner had un- expectedly passed away and the family wanted to sell it.  In time, I would like to make contact with the family to see what history is behind the piece.

Physical Data:   Barrel is 40 inches long and tapered. Pull is 13 ,  .38 caliber with 7 L & G.  Barrel looks as though it was never converted to percussion or shortened.  Top barrel flat, half way between the sights and breech plug , is signed in script, H. Sheetz.  At the breech, it measures almost 15/16, 13/16 in the middle and a little over at the muzzleOn the barrel pin inlay, on the lock side, 1779 is scratched in.  I do not believe that this rifle was made that early.


Nice to see an interesting rifle in good condition.  Any chance you could re-photograph the patchbox in different light to see if the engraving might become more visible? Sheets rifles usually have nice engraving, always worth studying. Nice Sheets guard where the bow and grip rail flow beautifully together... their guards are some of my very favorites. Also, if possible, I'd like to see a good close shot of the lock and side facing it sits in.
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Re: Henry Sheetz (090112-1)
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Henry Sheetz Sr.A gunsmith  during the Revolution from Shepherdstown WV, then Virginia,had a son Henry.Henry Sheetz Jr. came to Hampshire County WV then Virginia.On June 16 1792 he purchased land  in Fort Ashby WV.Lots lots 221 through 229.Lot 221 was within two hundred feet of  Fort Ashby,the old French & Indian War defense ordered constructed by Colonel George Washington in 1775.Here he started a gunshop.It is a  chance that this is the Henry Sheetz who made this rifle.This Henry had a son also named Henry (for clarity Henry the III).Henry Sheetz Jr. (for clarity the II) died in 1825.This information I read in a West Virginia history magazine and Gunsmiths of Virginia.This rifle is most interesting to me.
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