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Abraham Henry (1768-1811) 090202-1
« on: February 03, 2009, 04:20:52 PM »
Longrifle (circa 1785) signed by Abraham Henry (1768-1811) of Lancaster County, PA. Son of William SR; brother of William JR. Trained by William JR. On Nazareth, Northampton County 1781 tax roll
Slightly swamped barrel is 47" long in 48 caliber. Typical Lancaster triangular shaped butt-stock architecture including daisy patchbox and cheek-piece and wrist bas-relief carving.

Here is a Lancaster by a rare maker that has all of the high art found on the best rifles. And, the stock wood appears to be birds eye maple. Too, little of Henry's work is found and to see one like this is a rare opportunity. As Henry moved up north rather early, this gun was made in the beginning of the last quarter of the century and in Lancaster. A real golden age rifle and we are fortunate to be able to place it in the Library.

Amazing...........Extremely rare rifle!  I believe I remember seeing one other of Abraham Henry's rifles.  What an important link in a long chain of a famous family of gunsmiths.  This rifle and it's origins connects to everything worthy in the early realm of American longrifles.
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Re: Abraham Henry (1768-1811) 090202-1
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In regards to the date of manufacture perhaps the the more realistic timetable would be the decade of 1790 given potential apprentice activity. Further, the location of manaufacture could very well be Nazareth and not Lancaster proper.