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Putting Panels On A Horn
« on: February 12, 2015, 06:02:26 PM »
 There was mention of putting Panels on a horn in another Thread. This is the method I use, I'm sure there are others. The Pix show the way I hold horns to work them and the beginning of the first panel.

 Start by numbering the sides of the stick 1-4. Place it in the vice with #1 up and start scraping/rasping/filing whatever method you use, until you get a pretty good panel formed. Now turn the stick over so #3 is up and repeat the process. Once you have 3 roughed in turn the stick again and start on side #2, then turn the stick again and start on side #4. Try and get all panels equal but not touching, remember you have to fit a panel in between each of the 4.
 You should now have 4 panels with some space in between, with #1 up again start scraping, your scraper will be at about 45 degrees, between panel 1 and 2 once you get a panel started turn the horn so #4 is up, now scrape between 3 and 4, once again get a panel formed but not finished. Next is the space between 2 and 3, then 4 and 1. The panels are going to taper and that may take a while to work out but them all roughed in first.
 Once you have your 8 panels formed it is an easy process to even them all up. One thing that helps is as the edges of the panels come together is to mark them with a Magic Marker, then as you scrape try and leave a hair thin line of the marker showing between the panels.
 If this sounds complicated it is not. In the time it took to type this the first 4 panels could have been shaped.
 I start with a rasp usually a Nicholson #50, then finish with files and finally scraping, this is where the marks really helps. 

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