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Pistol - Unknown Maker (Ref. 081223-1)
« on: April 03, 2009, 07:02:51 PM »
Unknown Maker, W. Graves lock.
Pennsylvania made. Curly maple stock. Circa 1780/1790.
The lock is original flint and marked W. Graves, and there are no other markings on the gun.
Has a nice curled trigger, with a little engraving on the trigger guard and side plate.
The barrel is smooth, half octagon/half round with a cannon barrel muzzle, about .41 Cal.
The barrel is 4 inches long, and the pistol only 8 inches long overall.
The tiny lock is about 3 inches long.


It's a very fine Kentucky with many nice features. Of some interest is the flat or 'plateau' at the tang. This is a rare feature and I have seen it only on rifles made by Henry Hunsicker of Allentown.
We might suppose that this jewel was made up in that region though not necessarily by Huniscker. It will be a fine addition to the Museum. in my opinion.

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