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Southern Rifle 090116-1
« on: April 03, 2009, 07:37:52 PM »
Although unsigned, I feel sure that it is a North Carolina rifle, probably made in Jamestown.

Unsigned Full Stock Percussion that has strong characteristics of having been made in Guilford County North Carolina.  Stock architecture, along with the side plate looks to be Jamestown.  The rifle could have been originally a flintlock as the stock is cut for the flint hammer between the lock plate and the tang and there is a feather pick hole behind the trigger guard.  The stock is Walnut with a grease hole on the right side of the butt stock.   There is a small crack on the left side behind the nose cap, but no loss of wood.. The stock looks to have the original finish with no repairs or damage, only normal handling marks.  The butt plate, ramrod thimbles (2) and the side plate are made of brass.  There is no entry thimble for the ramrod.  The side plate has some engraving on it.  The trigger guard and nose cap are iron.  The trigger guard is secured to the stock with two screws.  There is an additional hole in the forward section of the trigger guard where a screw might typically be, but the wood under the hole has no evidence that a screw was ever there.  The trigger guard is styled differently than any I have seen on rifles from this area.  It has a long bow and is similar to rifles I have seen from Moore County North Carolina.  It may have been used from another rifle.    The double set triggers and lock function properly.  The .36-caliber barrel is 42 -inches long and is looks to be the original length.  The tang is 2 -inches and terminates in a point.  It is secured with one screw.

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