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090306-2 Southern Boy's
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This rifle weighs in at about 5 lbs.  its LOP is 12 1/2'". its butt is 3 1/2 tall and 13/16 wide .the lock is 4 1/4 x 7/8 inches and marked Harpers ferry 1807. and the barrel is 35 1/2 long x 11/16  and is 38 cal. Overall length is about 50 inches

Subject is an original flintlock boy’s rifle, the rifle weighs in at about 5 lbs. All the hardware is made of iron. It has a length of pull of 12 ½ inches. The butt is 3 ½ inches tall and is 13/16 inch wid. The lock is 4 ¼ inches X 7/8 inches and is marked Harpers Ferr 1807. The barrel is 35 ½ inches long and is 11/16 inches across the flats. It is 38 caliber. Overal length of the rifle is 50 inches.

The tang is a “lolly pop” style; the entry pipe is the same as the two upper pipes. The nose cap is ¾ inch long. The rifle handles nicely; the balance point is right at the entry pipe.

I suspect the rifle was made in East Tennessee. The guard and triggers look like some of the ones in Jerry Nobles books that Jerry says are made in East Tennessee.


Cute as a bug's ear! Nothing mentioned as to who made (or might have made it), but it is a joy to behold, nonetheless. Lucky young fellow who owned this one; must have a wonderful time using it.
Nice wood in the stock and the iron work on the gun is tops. The hammer is especially attractive even though the lock plate seems to be from a Harpers Ferry gun. At least we know that the gun was made after 1807 and if you add a life span of five to ten years past that date, it could have been made prior to 1820.
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