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090212-1 Southern (Unknown)
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Subject is an original flintlock rifle, probably made in the western part of VA, possibly western NC. Maker is unknown. I got it from a man that purchased it in the 1970’s from a owner that lived in the Roanoke/Salem VA area. That’s all the background I have on the rifle.

The rifle appears to be all original and is stocked in American walnut. The hardware is iron. Everything functions properly and appears to be safe to shoot.

The patch box appears to be one piece (except for lid). The release is activated via pressing the midsection of the toe plate. Patch box is 6.50 inches in length and is 2.312 inches wide in the rear.

The flintlock appears to be original to the rifle and is marked “W & JR Payson Philadelphia” It is an English style with a roller tipped frizzen spring. It is fastened in place using 2 lock bolts.

Butt plate is 4.572 inches tall, fastened with 2 screw and is 1.682 inches wide. The extension measures 2.920 inches in length.

Bore is approximately .47 caliber.
Barrel length is 41” and is a straight taper, there is no evidence it has been cut.
Barrel measures .930 at breech, .800 mid-way and .743 at the muzzle.

Tang is 2” long and is flared, with a small “finger-nail” on the back

Drop at heel is 2 7/8 inches. Length of pull is 13.5 inches.

The entry pipe is 27.5” (measured to the center) from the muzzle and is double pinned. The end has a slight bell shape to the forward end. It is 2.365 inches long.

The middle pipe is 16” from the muzzle and has a single pin. The two ends have a slight bell shape. This pipe is 1.445 inches long.

The forward pipe is 5” from the muzzle and is double pinned. The two ends have a slight bell shape. This pipe is 1.534 inches long.

The nose cap is one piece iron and is 1.870 inches long. It is held on with 2 pins that are peened on each side. The ram rod groove is extended through the bottom of the nose cap.

The front sight is a brass barley corn style and center is located 2” from the muzzle.

The rear sight is very low profile and its center is 31.25 inches from the muzzle.

The single trigger is .25 inches wide in the center and comes to a blunt point at the bottom.

The plain iron guard is 9.50 inches long and appears to be a casting (possibly from a musket?) the front and rear extensions are .550 inches wide. The trigger bow is .991 inches wide at the bottom of the bow.


Man, oh man! This gun is the 'real deal'; the true American Rifle, in my opinion. Just a great study in the everyday, working rifle. Patch box, but no grip rail; smooth bore (edited: its rifled) has a cheek rest and octagonal barrel over all. Great architecure and long barrel with rifle sights. And, the classic English lock.
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