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rocket launcher
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This unusual flintlock-operated rocket-launcher is probably Spanish in origin and dates from around the end of the 1700ís.
Signal or alarm-rockets were put to military use early in the history of gunpowder. Possibly, rockets as a weapon were first used by the Mongols early in the 1200ís. Some examples were designed as incendiaries, to create fires aboard ships or behind enemy defenses. Later, specially devised war-rockets even incorporated powerful explosive charges. War-rockets, ranging from hand-held versions to monster-size examples appear to have originally remained popular only in the East. However, signal-rockets were certainly used in Europe from an early date. The Knights of the Order St. John made regular use of signal-rockets for communication, especially at sea. In 1799, the British Army experienced the effective use of war-rockets in India. Soon after, war-rockets were introduced to European warfare and this revolutionary projectile weapon proved to be a useful alternative to the normal heavy artillery.
Over the years, diverse types of rocket-launchers were put to military use. Around 1790, infantry versions were introduced designed to be fired from the shoulder. While the majority of existing, early, hand-held rocket-launchers seem to have been improvised and adapted from ordinary military muskets, the example displayed here is certainly one of the purpose-made variety. One other identical infantry rocket-launcher is known to exist and is in the Royal Armouries collection in Britain.


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Re: rocket launcher
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The national anthem mentions the rockets red glare from the war of 1812.  they were not claimed to be very accurate, but were used back then.