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Made a few simple tools.
« on: June 16, 2017, 11:29:43 PM »
I've been on a bit of a tool making kick for the past few days. Likely to avoid confronting the fact that I still need to work on smoothing the background around my latest attempt at carving....

I made a punch to punch out the tumbler from the cock.
I also made a mandrel for 3/8ths inch ramrod pipes, with a rounded punch on the end to use for bumping up the RR entry pipe finial.

Not elegant, but functional:

I have some old tools from my grandfather that are nearly worn out and rusting. I turned a coarse chisel into a small rasp for background removal. I got the idea from the tutorial section, I think Tom Curran made one.
This was really my first foray into forging, and that part went well. I used a graver to create the teeth on the rasp, and it certainly cuts. A bit too much really, I leaves fairly deep scratch marks. Anyway, I had a great time doing it and it was fun to see the nice bright steel underneath all that surface rust.
Here's the chisel as it started:

bbcode image link

And the final product. The picture is poor so it's hard to see the teeth.

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Re: Made a few simple tools.
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Re: Made a few simple tools.
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Good job, I am sure you find them useful. Self-made tools are one of the fun things about crafting.

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Re: Made a few simple tools.
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Very nice Norm!  Especially the rasp made from your Granddad's old tool!

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Re: Made a few simple tools.
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Saw a similar tumbler removing tool used by J. Valentin at Bowling Green.  Now I have to make one myself.