Author Topic: Collapsing interest in ML !  (Read 20798 times)

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Re: Collapsing interest in ML !
« Reply #50 on: May 31, 2009, 04:50:52 PM »
We are planning another shoot (late September or early October), a woods walk, in spite of yesterday's poor showing.  I agree with you about word of mouth v. paid newspaper ads.  Luckily, our local paper runs such notices for free under their "Sports Calendar" section of the Sports section.
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Re: Collapsing interest in ML !
« Reply #51 on: June 01, 2009, 04:45:24 PM »
I've been reading this thread with particular interest as my club (Marbletown Sportsmen's Club, Stone Ridge, N.Y.) just sponsored its second Muzzle Loading Frolic today.  The first one drew 11 shooters, today's event only 10.  Some area clubs, e.g., High Woods Sportsmen, have BP shoots practically every month and I presume they are successful, but I've never seen an ad for their shoots in our newspaper.  We, on the other hand, do advertise and yet the turnout was abysmal.  Maybe people need to see more demonstrations of ML shooting to spark an interest in the sport?  It may also be that people are just too busy with the demands of work and "chores" to have much time left to participate in the sport.  Btw, in spite of the scarcity of shooters, we had a great time and possibly converted two club members into BP shooters to boot.   
Hang in there, example -- A club in s/e Penna had their first bp shoot abt 15 yrs ago 3 guys showed up; I said $#*! lets shoot anyway...  It grew from there.  Although they now only run woodswalks in the winter they get avg of 30 to 40 shooters each time and for a blanket shoot no less.  Course being in the winter the guys get cabin fever.. ;D   I found out that advertising in the newspaper is and was a waste of prize money!!!  At least it was for us....  Word of mouth at other shoots works well.   :)
I'm alittle late reading this topic, but I am a good friend of one of the members that was hosting the Marbletown shoot. I was there, but the turn out was disappointing for the members of the Club. I live about 50 miles from the club, and since traveling costs do effect me, it is a big factor in me joining a club, I like this club, and would love to be a member, but the distance keeps me from it, where as my friend could walk to it. We , well me, use to attend the state shoots, but what turned me off was the same people were, out of lack of interest on 98% of the turn out, left to either set up the range, and take it down, which is alot of stuff when you have over 150 shooters at times.  I got my brother-in-law started in it, but job and home responsibilities have pretty much eliminated his particapation. I did get my son interested as well as my nephew, some of my friends are "curious" about just shooting one , like to try it,  but doubt that they would get into it. Cost of start up with kids entering college is a big reason. Then, I'm the only builder they know, and I am not in any hurry to whip out guns for sale, for after working on one for months, I don't like to separate with it. The profit margin is like $3.00 an hour if that, so why bother to sell it. Of course it is expensive to buy parts for one. I think people are at a scary time in their life. Companies going out of business, jobs moving off shore, the finanical system turned on it's head. I've got more but my finger is getting tired....Geo.