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Jacob Kuntz 090608-1
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Note: This exhibit is also located in PA Traditional Long Arms


This Jacob Kunz pistol is a great example of his superior Kentucky-styled American pistols. The pistol has superior architecture with a great grip profile. Checkering is neatly done, better than on some Kunz pistols. Overall a great pistol, nicely decorated, that should be in the museum.  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is a fine example of a signed Jacob Kuntz Pistol.   J. Kuntz' signature characteristics abound and will help identify unsigned works by this maker. Put it in the museum along with a list of his signature characteristics:  distinct checkering and panel molding,  a two line incised address under each side of the lock area as seen from the bottom,  the same address on both sides of the barrel tang as seen from the top, generally a raised platform surrounding the barrel tang itself, a chicken scratch engraving design found in the molded band on each ramrod pipe and the border of the thumb plate [sometimes called an owners initial plate].  And of course his exceptional engraving ability as seen in the photos on his brass and silver inlays.                   

A classic J. Kuntz pistol. Perfect. Probably Kuntz's standard fare.


Smooth bore ...9 13/16 long----- about 45 cal..
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