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Soddy 090805-1
« on: August 07, 2009, 02:37:48 PM »
41" barrel measuring around .44 at the muzzle and looks to be coned or worn to the point there is no rifling visible.  The barrel is slightly swamped.

Actual Measurements:

Length of pull - 12 1/2"
Height of buttplate - 4 1/8"
Width of buttplate - 1 3/8"
Length of wrist from breech to comb - 6 3/8"
Barrel at breech - 1.10
Thinnest pint of barrel .85, 17 inches from muzzle
Barrel at Muzzle - 1.0
Wrist width - 1 3/8'
Wrist height - 1 7/16"

I purchased it from a gentleman on Signal Mt., TN who says it has been in his family at least since the civil war.

The bag and accouterments came with the gun.  The mold is marked 75 and the ball that was in the bag measures .42.  The powder measure is a center fire case cut down.  45.60


Isn't this one just what Southern mountain rifles are all about? Wow! A classic example of the Soddy Daisy School (as termed by Ray McKnight) and as good as you will ever see.
It's icing on the cake that the original equipment is still with it.
This rifle has great architecture and a wonderful molded cheek rest. Condition overall looks very good. It has nice iron      furniture which is well made.                                                           
There is an interesting mark impressed on the side plate of the gun and one wonders what if any significance.
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