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Tryon Family
« on: November 22, 2020, 03:28:13 AM »
This is an Edward K. Tryon rifle that, according to the previous owner and researcher of Tryon firearms, was likely made between the mid 1840s and mid 1850s.  It has a 32” barrel of .41 caliber.  The engraved mountings are all of silver and there are several gold inlays throughout, the ones on the barrel and lock stating “TRYON”.  The patchbox has 7 piercings and the spring catch for the cover has an interesting roller bearing on the spring inside.  The interior of the patchbox is silver lined as are the interiors of the two cap boxes located in the toe plate and adjacent to it.  It seems that E. K. Tryon made this to show his capabilities and it could have been used as an exposition or display gun.  He may have intended that it be ultimately sold and the buyer would have his name or initials in the vacant gold oval opposite the lock.  The lock is marked “J Evans” on the inside.  The barrel has no other marks beneath so the rifle appears to be of Tryon manufacture using a trade lock.  The rear sight is nicely executed.

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