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Gunmakers ( Unknown)
« on: December 13, 2020, 12:14:34 AM »
Unknown  #1:   The barrel initials are two disimilar "Ls" ( not seen by us, just described, perhaps a typo for SL) and it is also stamped "Harry Rife" (Wonder if this is another "Laundenslager" ..."SL"...using a barrel from "Rife" as in the barrel signed "SL and Kiser."?)
                                  ( Courtesy of Morphy's Auction)

1. Unknown  #2:  Signed "David R. Porter" on Patchbox Door . David R. Porter was governor of Pennsylvanis from 1836-1840.

David R. Porter ( his portrait)

David R. Porter....his gun

6. Unknown #3       (Julia Auction 2008)

Unkown #4                  (Julia Auction 2008)

Unknown Maker #5

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