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Upper Susquehanna Gunmakers (F-K)
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Fetter, Perry – ca 1860 – Jackson Township – Whisker identifies him as a gunsmith who worked thru the turn of the 20th Century.

Filman, William – 1820-1861 – Milton – Kauffman identifies him as a maker from the late flint thru the percussion period. As more of his rifles have emerged, he has gained in stature as a fine craftsman. Several of his rifles exhibit fine patchboxes and various inlays were used to enhance his pieces.  Even though he is outside of old Union County, his known rifles show characteristics that are typical of Snyder County.  It should also be noted that he apparently had some type of working relationship with Samuel Morrison as their rifles share many of the same characteristics.

Filman, William Gun #1

Filman, William Gun #2

Filman, William  Gun #3

Gun#4  Filman, William

Fisher, Paul G. – ca. 1861 – White Deer Township, Union Co. (Lycoming Co.) – His guns are rare and show a late influence.  One of his rifles was sold in 2010 and showed that although he was late, he was a fine craftsman.  The rifle was a full stock gun with a “toilet bowl” patchbox.  The stock had all of the fine styling of other rifles produced in the area.

Frederick, Samuel – ca. 1817 – He worked in the Lewisburg area and in 1821 he was in Bloom Township, Columbia County.
Gabel, H

Gabel, H Gun#1

Gabel, H Gun# 2 Flintlock

Gale, William – ca. 1826 – Northumberland Co. Identified by Kauffman but none of his guns have been identified.
George Gaugler – 1814-1829 – Shamokin Dam – Ewing indicates he was the father-in-law of George Keen to whom he taught the gunsmithing trade.  He indicates that his guns were crudely made.
Gaugler, Nicholas – ca. 1799 –Penn Township.  Ewing suggests that Gaugler’s rifles show a Lancaster Co. influence.  He was a very early maker for this region.
Gross, Charles – He was born in Union Co. but later moved to Ohio with his father Henry Gross, Sr. In the 1850 census he was 40 years old and listed as a gunsmith.  In 1849 he and his brother Henry formed the Gross Arms Company.  While this company did not produce Kentucky Rifles, Charles had learned the trade in Pa. before moving to Ohio.
Gross, Sr., Henry – 1820-1831 – Union Township, Union Co. – He was born July 21, 1783 in what was then Northumberland County and had three sons that learned the gunsmithing trade from him.  His name was originally spelled Groce and several guns are known signed in script using that spelling.  In 1831 he moved from Juniata Co., Pa. to Tiffin, Ohio where he died in 1834.  
Gross, Jr., Henry – ca. 1830 – Union Co., Pa. – It is possible he was born in Juniata Co. but he learned the gunsmithing trade from his father in Pa. before moving to Ohio.  Jim Whisker wrote an article on this family for the Association of Ohio Longrifle Collectors.
Gross, Samuel – ca. 1830 – Union Co. - He was also the son of Henry Gross, Sr. and learned the trade from his father.
Gwinn, Alexander – Unknown – McCoysville, Juniata Co., Gluckman identifies a flintlock rifle made by him.
Haines,George – 1835-1850 – Perry Township, Snyder Co. – According to Ewing, he signed his rifles using his full name.  In 1850 he was 40 years old.
Hanna, Isaac – ca. 1780 – Union Township, Union Co. – He was identified as a gunsmith from Lancaster Co. but none of his work has ever been identified.
Harris, Samuel – ca. 1782 – Kauffman identified him as a gunsmith who worked in Augusta Township, Northumberland Co.
Henninger, Daniel – ca. 1841 – Kauffman identifies him as a gunsmith who worked in Augusta Township, Northumberland Co.
Henninger, John - ca. 1841 – He worked for a time in Augusta Township, Northumberland Co. before moving to Crawford Township, Clinton Co. where he was listed as a gunsmith in the 1860 Census.  His guns show a very late influence.
Hummel, John Jacob – ca. 1780 – The Snyder Co. Historical Society Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 11 page 247 identifies him as a gunsmith.  He later moved to the White Deer area.  No gun by him has ever been identified.
Hurwicker (Hunnsickler),Henry – unknown – Hartley Twp., Union Co. Identified by Laudenslager.  He had earlier worked in Macungie Twp., Lehigh County.
Kauffman, Samuel and Amos – unknown – West Buffalo Twp., Union Co.  Identified by Laudenslager.
Kain, George – Center Township – ca. 1829 – No work by this gunsmith has been identified, but he is listed in the tax assessment of 1829 as a gunsmith.  His land in Center Township bordered the Penn’s Creek.  
Kaup (Caup), Levi – 1847-1856 – West Buffalo Township – He signed with both script initials and his full name.  He died in 1901.  Laudenslager also identifies a “Leroy Kaup” in West Buffalo Township.
Keen, George – 1820-1833 – Penn Township (Shamokin Dam) – He was the son-in-law of George Gaugler from whom he learned the trade.  Ewing contends that he was one of the best gunsmiths in the area during the time period in which he worked.  In 1833 he was assessed as a gunsmith in Penn Township. One of his guns has a cherry stock and the patchbox has a horse head finial but the rifle does not have a normal style stock that would be typical of Upper Susquehanna rifles.
Kimmell, Joseph – ca. 1822 – Union Co. – little is known about him except that he produced at least one nice rifle showing strong Snyder Co. influences.
Kirlin, Thomas – ca. 1805 – Kauffman identified him as a gun maker in Augusta Township, Northumberland Co. Nothing more of him is known.
Kirchman, E. –ca.1835 – Danville – identified by Gluckman.
Kirschbaum (Krichbaum), E. – ca. 1830 – Danville – Identified by Gluckman.

Kiser, A.                    

Kiser, A  Gun #1                     ( Courtesy of Morphy's Auction)

Kockler (Cockler), P. – 1870-1880 – Lewisburg – His guns show a lot of influence from F. Beerstecher from whom he learned the trade.  His guns are usually half stock rifles and are signed “P. Kockler, Lewisburg”

Kolpitzer, George - 1817-1850 –( Note: There are 2 other known gusmith with initials "GK")  New Berlin/Union Township/Buffalo Township.  His work has never been identified (???, is this one??).  At about the age of 60, he moved to Medina Co., Ohio where he was listed as a gunsmith.  His name was also spelled Kolpitzer and Calpetser.  He was born in 1790 but the date of his death in unknown.

Koons, Isaiah – ca. 1870 – Adams Township – None of his guns have been identified.
Kriegbaum, George – ca. 1832-1841 – Kauffman listed him as working in Augusta Township, Northumberland County.
Kuntz, Peter – ca. 1800 – Lewisburg – Ewing identifies him as a gunsmith who worked in central Pennsylvania, but none of his work is known.

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