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                  Gunmakers of the Upper Susquehanna Region

Long missing from the print literature of Kentucky Rifles has been a volume focused in the makers of the Upper Susquehanna area of Pennsylvania, principally Snyder and Center Counties. This effort, unique in its format in that it will be online, will allow it to grow and be edited as more information and guns become available. To our knowledge it will be a first of a kind, particularly in regards to the study of the Kentucky Rifle, its makers, their biography and history. All are welcome to enjoy and are invited to contribute by emailing information and gun pictures to Fred Garner, M.D. ( “Hurricane”), editor.This work was begun by Richard Nornhold and a large group of fellow collector and Kentucky Rifle enthusiast/scholars/ historian whose focus was Snyder County. Collectively they documented more than 125 makers of Kentucky rifles from Snyder and surrounding counties. A few additional names have been added through research and internet findings.

The photographs have been contributed from the personal collections of many collectors and internet auctions. The owners/ contributors remain anonymous but to all we owe a great debt of thanks for their spirit and generosity.

Gunmakers are listed alphabetically. Each gun pictures are presented in full format ( right and left) when available, barrel signature, the details of patchbox, cheek and various decorative and construction features. All signed guns are present as authenticated by barrel signature or owner even if the signature is not shown. Any gun not so identified is presented as “attributed.” Finally, at the end, are several Upper Susquehanna style guns without an identified or attributed maker. Likely there are a few mistakes in this presentation which will be corrected over time as more information and debates continue.

This volume is copyrighted.


Fred Garner, M.D
Richard Nornhold
Mark Loudenslager
Bruce Miller

Copyrighted: All rights reserved
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