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Professional Photography by Mark Elliott
« on: August 06, 2021, 07:56:50 PM »

I would like to announce to ALR members that I am taking in photography work again;  just what can be shipped or delivered to my home studio in Mechanicsville, VA.   If it will fit through the front door,  I can probably photograph it, but I am assuming we will be talking about small items like shot pouches, powder horns, and knives.   For muzzle loading guns,  you can make an appointment to bring them by to be photographed. 

For shipped items,  return shipping must be included; either a prepaid shipping label or money to cover the return shipping.   I have found that $20 will cover USPS shipping and insurance on small items to most of the the continental U.S..

The prices given below are for single objects photographed face-on against a white, shadowless, background without any additional processing except to remove supports.   Other types of shots are fine,  but may incur a surcharge.      

Individual image of small object: $19

Package of up to 5-6 images of a pistol or small object:  $49   

Package of 12+ images of a long gun:  $99

Focus stacking option: $12 per finished image - Used for three/quarter or angled shots to get everything in focus.

Masked/replaced background: $15 per finished image - .PSD file provided

All finished images are delivered digitally through the cloud as either full resolution .JPG or .TIF files.

See my website for examples of my work:

E-mail me at if you have any questions or would like to arrange to have an object photographed.  

After we discuss what you want,  I will e-mail you a contract which you would sign and return with a check and the object to be photographed.    Turn around should be pretty quick, a day or two after I receive the item.   I will send the photos for approval before I return the object.    For those who deliver their object in person,  you will see proofs before you leave, although, final images may take 24 hours to be delivered.

Mark Elliott

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