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Leman Conestoga 090914-1
« on: September 18, 2009, 02:26:24 PM »
Conestoga, OAL 52 3/4" Barrel length 36 1/2" octagon smoothbore, fullstock,gauges .48 cal, takes patched .45. 13 1/3" pull. Buttplate 1 1/2" at max. width. Two small star stock marks as mentioned on the site.


Addendum.  For about 40 years, this rifle was on the wall in a limestone house adjacent to the old gristmill location on Earley's Mill Road, on the outskirts of Hershey in Dauphin Co., not 35 miles from where it was made.  My supposition is that most of these went west and were worn out and abandoned when repeaters became commonplace.  No worry about added embellishments and phony carving on this plain Jane.  I actually shot this gun; works great.

These little percussion rifles have a charm and appeal that unique to them. When I first began to look at Kentucky Rifles, most of them were just like this one, and I still am attracted to them. This one is as good as they get. It would be a joy to shoot as it looks like it has all of the qualities that a good shootable rifle needs.


This is almost a perfect example of a low budget, plain, working type rifle. It has no frills or enhancements, single trigger, simple brass band at muzzle instead of a nose cap, and plain wood, presumably straight grained maple. Barrel seems a little short for a fullstock, but without seeing a full length shot, it may be original length and simply another factor in keeping its cost down. This is a good example of a working rifle, sometimes forgotten in the rush to study and admire the finer "all decked out" rifles with flashy stock wood, patchboxes, inlay work and at times carving.
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