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--- Quote from: Daryl on March 28, 2022, 09:01:59 PM ---This tie breaker target was the 23rd shot, no wiping.
As you can see, I missed my 3rd and 12th on-target shots. Still won, though.
My first shot was a 'fouling" shot, not fired for score.
At Hefley Creek, the last shot of the trail is always the tie-breaker.

--- End quote ---

If bear grease performs even close this photo in my new Kibler .32 there will not be a squirrel left on the farm in short order.
    I will then have to drive North to a secret spot that is just Dirty with squirrel's to get my squirrel fix.
    I have all summer to work up my favorite load, good times are coming!

No reason why it shouldn't but be aware, my load combinations require a short starter.
Looser loads may (most likely) not give you similar results.  When I shot this target, I
was using a .030" denim (12ounce) patch and a ball only .008" smaller than the bore.
To get those started into the bore, you have to want to get them started. Once started
they go down easily.
This load combination has .014" compression or the ball/patch in the bottom of each and every groove.
The compression by the lands, is .026".

I have bear grease and began to use it on patches. My clover-leaf groups with 7:1 ballistol/water dry lube opened up to hand-sized with bear grease. Same components otherwise, only the lube changed. Every rifle is different.

Bear Grease VS spit for lube:
This testing was done in the late 1970's - Bill Large .58 barrel. The testing was for velocity comparison and velocity spread, shot to shot. Test was 10 shots, per load. No wiping at any time.

95gr. 2F GOEX, .575" 285gr. ball .022" denim patch
spit 1,424fps 48fps spread  B.Grease no vel. noted 97fps spread

140gr. 2F GOEX same ball and patch
spit 1,683fps 10fps spread  B.Grease 1,736fps 69fps spread - this load, with both lubes was my "Accuracy" load, however spit shot into just over 1" at 100 yards,  B.Grease shot 2".
This was repeatable.

160gr. 2F GOEX same ball and patch
spit 1,810fps 8 fps spread  B.Grease 1,867fps 74fps spread

185gr. 2F GOEX same patch and ball
spit - no data  B.Grease 1,951fps 42fps spread


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