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Fay, George Bedford Rifle 20220917
« on: October 01, 2022, 05:14:18 PM »
From the owner:

This one I believe was made about 1840 in Hopewell township, by George Fay and possibly also by Jacob Snyder, who was Fays apprentice. It seems to have more in common with Snyders rifles than with George Fays. It is marked G*F on the top flat of the barrel. Tobias Snyder, Jacobs brother, was also an apprentice to Fay later on.

The bore is 38 caliber, and the 39 barrel has been shortened at the breech by about 4. There is still good enough rifling to determine that the twist is 1-48. The bore feels smooth and does not tear a tight patch. The gun weighs 8 1/2#. LOP is 12 1/2. There are 4 silver inlays and the Bedford Q style 4 piece patch box. All inlays, patch box, toe plate and side plate are nicely engraved. The patch box lid is missing and someone in the past replaced it. I will replace that with a more appropriate engraved reproduction. The entry pipe is also missing. The curly maple stock is in good shape except for one spot in front of the lock. I believe the lock is original to the rifle. The internals are nicely made, with a stirrup on the tumbler/mainspring, but without a half-cock. The set triggers are also very nicely made and work well. The front trigger almost looks like it was turned in a lathe.