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Museums with Kentuckies
« on: November 12, 2009, 08:11:22 PM »
These museums have some notable Kentucky rifles.  Some require an appointment, so it is best to call ahead:

Ticonderoga Museum, in Fort Ticonderoga NY,  has a great Shuler together with a quantity of Revolutionary War material. 

Mercer Museum in Doylestown PA has the Christian Springs rifle.  Call for appointment.

Hershey Museum in Hershey PA has a collection.  I have never seen it but have seen pictures.

Craig Museum in Craig CO has an extensive collection of superb Colts and Winchesters primarily, but included are some Kentuckies and plains rifles.

There are some small museums in towns scattered throughout New york which have a Kentucky or two, but they aren't easy to get to see.  My own personal best memories of quantities of Kentuckies available to see and to purchase rest with the old time dealer/collectors.  Do any of you remember Paul Boehret, John Smith, Park Emery, et al? 


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Re: Museums with Kentuckies
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Thank you. I have linked this as an additional resource to the similar Library forum topic.

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Re: Museums with Kentuckies
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Two or three more come to mind here; the museum at Quincy, Illinois is reputed to have a good collection though I have not seen it. The Missouri Historical Society in Saint Louis has a fine collection, including an M. Lewis owned, J. Small rifle. The town of Arrow Rock just west of Booneville, MO also has a rifle collection.
And, for those out west, or coming west, the museum at Weaverville, CA has a modest collection of J. Craig, California rifle made during the period of the gold rush. The museum at Exposition Park in Los Angeles has some nice KY Rifles as well.

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Re: Museums with Kentuckies
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The Montour County Historical Society in Danville, Pa. has several.  Among them is a beautiful J. P. Beck  and a flintlock Joe Long.

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Re: Museums with Kentuckies
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The Herman P. Dean Firearms Collection is on display at the Huntington West Virginia Museum of Art Well worth stopping by on your way to the CLA show in Lexington KY.
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