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Moravian Gun Making of the American Revolution
Reprint Soft Cover Version
   $45.00 plus S&H
Softcover book by the Kentucky Rifle Association and the Kentucky Rifle Foundation156 pages in soft cover. In response to many requests, the KRF has reprinted this popular work in soft cover. This now-classic foundational study of Moravian gun-making discusses their communities in PA and NC and includes detailed photographs and discussions of 12 important Moravian-built guns.

    Robert Lienemannís pioneering research on the Moravian community, their gunshops and operations including original texts, gunshop records and photos.
    High quality color photos with many views and Stephen Henchís in-depth discussions of 12 of the most significant Moravian attributed long guns and pistols.
    An essential reference for those interested in these early guns and the craftsmen who built them.

Click this URL to see photos of book and how to purchase it:

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