Author Topic: New Submissions for the Bruce Miller Library & Museum  (Read 3749 times)

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New Submissions for the Bruce Miller Library & Museum
« on: August 30, 2023, 05:40:02 PM »
I've been asked to help with the submissions for the Bruce Miller Library & Museum. We are always looking to grow and provide more information and examples for our members and the world to see. This library is an invaluable resource for studying and preserving the American longrifle and its makers. If you have an original longrifle, fowler, pistol, horn, or pouch that you would like to share, please e-mail me at In order to submit to the library, you must be the current owner of the item or have clear permission from the current owner and either have taken the photographs yourself or have permission from the photographer. As always, owners will remain anonymous.

For an item to be included in the library, we will need multiple good photos showing all of the various important details. At bare minimum for rifles, pistols, and fowling pieces, we would need the barrel and lock markings, full shots of each side, and a close up of the patchbox/butt. We would also like close-ups of all of the details, including the side plate, trigger guard, carving, etc. Similar images would be applicable to powder horns and other items. Ideal photos will be shot with good lighting and a neutral background. Mark Elliott's tutorial here is very helpful for getting truly professional quality photographs: but you can also get nice clear images by simply using a decent camera, a plain background (clean white works very well), and some natural light. We can edit and host the images, so you can send me the photos directly rather than upload them to a photo hosting service. You may need to send multiple emails in order to share enough high resolution images which is fine, but Drop Box and other options can also be used. We can work that out via email or private message here.

Myself and the ALR team will also work with you to create the detailed listing in the library. Please share any information you have on the item itself (caliber, barrel length, markings, etc.), its maker, its provenance, etc. The sources of your information about the maker are also important if available, so that authors received their credit and others can look back to the original sources. The more information we have, the better we can highlight your piece, its maker, and its history.

Thank you all for your contributions to the library so far. I know myself and many others have learned a lot from the Bruce Miller Library & Museum over the years, and with your help, it can continue to grow and grow and be an incredible free resource for everyone interested in the American Longrifle.
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Re: New Submissions for the Bruce Miller Library & Museum
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 Updated material. TC