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Moll Jr. (Attributed) 091202-1
« on: December 07, 2009, 04:35:07 PM »
John Moll, Jr. 55- Cheekside, Moll. 54-Percussion lock, marked "Warranted" on Moll. 53-inside box, Moll; 52- Patchbox on J. Moll, Jr.; the Moll is lightweight, 55" OAL, 39 3/8 " totally round barrel. Faint double lines circumscribing the barrel in front and behind rear sight are a hallmark of J. Moll, Jr. Unless someone else can produce one, this is the only known totally round barreled J. Moll, Jr. in existence. .50 cal, smoothbore.


The lock is probably a replacement that was done when it was converted to percussion. 
Incidentally, this little gun, not at all fancy, carries the following identifying characteristics of the Lehigh school.  Sheath buttplate; two-piece, wide patchbox with traditional Lehigh finial and engraving; classic buttstock profile with double radius on bottom; trigger guard with wide bow and pronounced stud forward of the bow; wider than high wrist; arrowhead profile at rear of lockbolt plate; thimbles with 16 facets and thumbnail in rear thimble; tiny sights; and V-shaped contour to forestock.  Quite representative, yet simple.    
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