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Putting choke tubes in my swivel breach gun.

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David Price:
Inside the barrel is milled out the same length as the tube, just big enough for the tube to slide in, leaving a little step at the bottom.  The very muzzle end of the barrel is threaded for the front end of the tube.  When the tube is screwed in tight it bottoms out against that little step, and the inside of the tube matches the inside of the bore perfectly.   The forward end of the tube is choked.  The loading tube fits the same but it sticks out about a half inch.  Instead of being choked it is coned which makes it easy to put the wadding in.

I hope I made that clear.

The loading/cleaning tube keeps garbage out of the threads and prevents thread damage, makes loading a world easier too as loading through a constriction choke is not easy if not impossible when you get to Full or more.

Did you get their choke wrench with the fishing reel handle on it?  Worth the price if you didn't. 

David Price:
HSmith TX

No I didn't even know there was one.  I will definitely call them and order one.  I thought about using my cordless drill but I was afraid I wouldn't have enough Controle and spoil the threads.  If you are shooting at the range and doing a lot of shooting it is a pain in the but, but when turkey hunting you only have to load once, or in my case twice.

Thanks for the information.

David Price

David G:
Thanks David…that cleared it up.

You're welcome David, when I was shooting a shotgun a lot I used this  a lot. Beats the britches off  anything  else I have ever seen.


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