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Calvin Taylor Half-Stock
« on: October 09, 2023, 04:30:15 AM »
The top flat of the barrel is signed “C Taylor”. The comb of the stock has “C L Dunning” crudely carved in. This gun is .48 caliber smoothbore but was most likely originally rifles and then bored out. The barrel is tapered about .990-.900 and is 30 1/2 inches long. The length of pull is 13 inches.

"The New York State Firearms Trade" (Swinney & Rowe) cite a Calvin Taylor in the Town of Triangle/Upper Lisle from 1834 through the 1870's and Marathon, NY, in 1875.

The 1850 Census lists him as a gunsmith in Triangle. The 1865 NY Census also lists as a gunsmith. The 1880 Census lists him as farming.

His grave indicates he died on the 20 of Nov 1883 at the age of 81.

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