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Corman Sporting Goods...Gone
« on: January 13, 2010, 08:03:53 PM »
I suppose many have heard by now about the loss yesterday of our powder source in E. Central KY with the explosion in Lincoln County (Stanford, KY).  Owner Shannon Corman (formerly Corman Sporting Goods) dead and two others severely burned. 

William Worth

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Re: Corman Sporting Goods...Gone
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Clue as to cause?  Not yet.

There were reportedly three people involved on site.  Shannon Corman, deceased, his wife flown to UK hospital in serious condition (burns) and someone named Greenwood flown to UK hospital in critical condition with burns over 90% of his body.  Odds are not favorable with that degree of burns.

The first person to arrive following the initial explosion (a neighbor) said that the wife was lying in the driveway calling for help.  Greenwood was found still burning with part of a wall collapsed on him.  He somewhat pulled himself free of the wall.  The neighbor said the scene was pretty gruesome.  Stuff was still cooking off.  It's now been reported to have been heard as far away as 20 miles.  Locals in town said their houses were rocked and stuff knocked off of the walls.  There was more than one explosion.

The aerial photos last night show the garage where most of the powder was, is flattened.