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Henry Gibbs of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Noteworthy to me is the untouched condition and the outstanding figure and patina of the stock.

Caliber .32 with 7 lands and grooves

Barrel length is 39-1/2 and is 0.80 across the flats

Lock is by Maslin

Barrel marking is "H. Gibbs/Lancaster PA"

Mountings are of brass except for inlays and barrel key escutcheons which are of German silver

Barrel keys are of German silver and appear original

Maple stock is checkered at wrist which I believe is very typical for Gibbs


This is a very pleasing rifle by a noted late, Lancaster maker. The Gibbs' rifles that I have examined show fine workmanship and close attention to detail. The checkering is very well done, as is the engraving and finish. The attic/closet condtion is quite appealing and all of these attributes make this rifle well worth the trip to the Library, where it belongs.
I particularly like the light cameo cut from the tang down around each side facing, and the attractive engraved diamond inlays out along the forestock. And it's always nice to have a full name stamp with location included. A little extra attention was put into this rifle, such as the gunsmith adding a fancy border around the otherwise commercial lock and hammer. It has survived in what appears to be excellent condition with a great finish, or patina. The gun displays Lancaster characteristics in the nicely checkered wrist, butt architecture and oversized release button. It will be a nice addition to the museum. 
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