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Vogler 110304-3
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Beautiful rifle with substantial silver work, all finely done in the style of the Voglers, as is the patchbox, long toe plate, etc. Again, no comment on whether the gun is signed or the owner has attributed it to one of the Voglers....which should be information provided with all submissions. We are fortunate to be able to add this well decorated, fine Vogler rifle to the museum.
Gorgeous rifle, and I agree with XXXX's  comments. To simply dump this into the Library without supporting data does a fine gun a disservice. Whether, or not we get this information it should nevertheless be placed in the Library for all to enjoy. Pieces like this do the NC gunmakers proud!
This is a handsome rifle which absolutely should be in the Library with all available information.
I handled this rifle at the Baltimore Gun Show, it isn't signed and is attributed to one of the Voglers from Salem North Carolina.  It is an excellent Vogler in wonderful condition.

The Rifle has been attributed to the work of Timothy Vogler by the Vogler gun shop in Salem North Carolina.

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