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Re: Sotheby's Auction
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I have done some research work on Nicholas Beyer. By far, one of the hardest to research in that very little information exits about him. I know he was  born on July 10th, 1777 if you believe John Humphrey's book on Pennsylvania Births. He was the son of Michael Beyer, a wealthy man, who died when Nicholas was 11 years old. Nicholas was released by his guardianship in 1792 at fourteen years old and received money from his father's estate in 1793.  Nicholas's grandfather was Benedict Imhoff, an early Womelsdorf gunsmith/doctor. Nicholas should have been of age in 1798 and does show up on the Lebanon tax rolls in 1800 thru 1811 as a gunsmith. His shop was next door to J.P. Beck and he also bought Beck's shop, according to an indenture in Lebanon Co HS, upon Beck's death. Once Lebanon became a county all records disappear. He is only listed in the 1830 and 1850 Federal Census. He didn't marry any of J.P. Beck's daughters since they are all accounted for in their marriage. I couldn't tell you if he ever married and had children as the 1830 only lists a Nicholas Boyer with one male besides himself and no females. He doesn't show in the remaining ceunsus for that area. His rifles show he used Beck's hardware which wouldn't be unusual living next door to the supply. It seems hard to believe that JP Beck would let an apprentice, which it seems he was,  move next door and work unless they were working together. I am not sure how to explain the difference in styles if they were working together. Just my thoughts.


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Re: Sotheby's Auction
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Dick - I agree, there are many pieces that would appear to be collaborative. This example is one of the finest specimens of both Smiths work - a barn burner if I may quote you.

VP - Great information, the info regarding his father is new to me. My take is that he was a machine - excellent craftsman and it's apparent in his early works and the volume of work that remains in existence. That said, his business and finance abilities do not appear to match his skills as a craftsman. This is something I've seen all too often in the trades, and this mans story appears to have the same hallmarks.

Just my 2 cents.


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Re: Sotheby's Auction
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VP the prices you quoted are correct however they do include all additional buyer charges. Also for those interested, the John Rupp rifle that has been discussed at length on this forum sold for $60,480 including all buyers charges
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