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Accoutrements / Re: Antler powder measure
« Last post by Mike from OK on Today at 06:42:39 AM »
Like this.

Thanks for this Bob. I have a better idea now how to screw mine up. Lol

I have a tapered reamer that should work well for this.

Antique Gun Collecting / Re: T Poltz flintlock pistol
« Last post by mr. no gold on Today at 06:36:33 AM »
This a really nice continental pistol and appears to have been No. 2 of a pair given the number '2' at the tang. The gun is richly carved and was made for someone
with wealth; likely German, Austrian, or perhaps Czech. Have you found Poltz in any books dealing with European arms makers? I have only one, but found no  listing for him. It appears to be mid 18th century gun.
Condition is very good aside from the mistreatment of the wood as you point out. A previous collector may have wanted the carving to stand out more and so stripped it. A number of 'restorers' used polyurethane for the wood and that can be removed. There are people who can come fairly close to bringing the wood finish back to what it should look like prior to the refinishing. And, they are on this site should you wish to have it done. 
Thank you for letting us have a look at a very nice flintlock pistol.
Gun Building / Re: Latest build by Don Bruton
« Last post by BOB HILL on Today at 06:33:17 AM »
Fine looking rifle. Don does a great job. Thanks for posting these pictures Mr. Dennis.
Gun Building / Re: Well that's annoying!
« Last post by Ky-Flinter on Today at 06:26:42 AM »
Coat it with silicone, leave it overnight, then peal it off.

Might work....

YUCK!  Take some duct tape or masking tape and pat the sticky side on the filings.  Or get a demagnetizer.

Gun Building / Re: Very fine threaded rod source?
« Last post by Ky-Flinter on Today at 06:21:31 AM »

1/8" diameter rod is the right size for making a #5 threaded rod, screw, etc.  Find a suitable #5 x ?? thread die and tap to match and you're in business.

Accoutrements / Re: New quilled knife sheath
« Last post by Greg Pennell on Today at 06:15:09 AM »
Very cool.  Love the colors on this one...what do you use to dye the quills?

Gun Building / Re: Very fine threaded rod source?
« Last post by rich pierce on Today at 06:09:52 AM »
To me the challenge is you need a way to thread the rod and a way to tap a threaded hole in whatever is traveling up or down the rod.
Antique Gun Collecting / T Poltz flintlock pistol
« Last post by r010159 on Today at 06:09:42 AM »
Here is a T. Poltz flintlock, one of a pair of pistols made c. 1770. I think all of it has been handmade, except maybe for a part of the embossing. Perhaps the embossing was hand finished. It is in fine condition, but has been refinished. There appears to be no evidence of sanding, that of any significance. The barrel has a nice patina, "mottled" by the remaining bluing.

So what do you all think? Does anyone have any info on T Poltz and the flintlock firearms he made? What has been used to refinish this pistol? Wax? Lacquer? I think lacquer. The ramrod assembly appears to have been repaired, but well done.

Thank you!

Gun Building / Re: I went outside of my box
« Last post by rich pierce on Today at 06:07:38 AM »
Cool build!
Antique Gun Collecting / Re: Bearden Rifles
« Last post by wildcatter on Today at 05:36:40 AM »
Really appreciate all the photos, I'm narrowing in on an identification of possibly another Bearden rifle. Shelby, any chance I can get a picture of the tang/breech of your rifle?

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