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Black Powder Shooting / Re: Covid postal match March 2021
« Last post by Justin Urbantas on Today at 09:14:26 AM »
You are correct Taylor. The match is two targets, for a max of 50 points, with 3 entries allowed. 46 is an excellent score on these tough ones.
Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: engraved Left Hand Siler Flintlock
« Last post by Flint62Smoothie on Today at 07:19:15 AM »
Ron - I’ll take it, will PM you WED am ... cheers!
Gun Building / Re: applied breach applications on flintlock fowlers
« Last post by flatsguide on Today at 07:06:13 AM »
Yes, to what Ed said. It seams reasonable to assume the ornamentation was applied after the fact. It would be a lot easier to work on a small part then apply it than to have to have to work on a more awkward to work on barrel.
Gun Building / Re: Rounding rifle stock
« Last post by rich pierce on Today at 07:04:37 AM »
I use concave scrapers of different radius to show where I need to work more to round things and fix flat spots. I’ll scribble on the stock with a carpenter’s pencil then scrape. It shows the high and low spots.
Gun Building / Re: Sculpting metal
« Last post by flatsguide on Today at 06:51:13 AM »
They are really nice Hank! From the color they look like brass, are they?
Gun Building / Re: Cabinet Makers Rasps
« Last post by rmnc3r on Today at 06:38:54 AM »
Which would make a better supplement / followup to a Nicholson 50 - a Dragon or Iwasaki?  Which profile and cut??
Gun Building / Re: Stabbing in carving
« Last post by Ed Wenger on Today at 06:23:57 AM »
Dan..., securing the patch box with screws and using it as a guide is a good method.  Be sure to file a very slight bevel to the edges that will be inlet, and I like to use a sharp, slender scribe to outline the piece rather than a pencil.  I find this works better for me, and cuts down on potential gaps.  Best,

Contemporary Accoutrements / Re: Grease Tins
« Last post by heinz on Today at 06:12:37 AM »
ArmoredPig.  I would suggest tubes with corks, made of cane , bamboo, or soldered-up sheet metal. A small round wooden container with a fitted cap would also work.  Hydraulicly formed cans with close fitting lids are really not found much in your time period.
Gun Building / Re: applied breach applications on flintlock fowlers
« Last post by Ed Wenger on Today at 06:11:13 AM »
Thanks, Jerry..., interesting and informative.  Beautiful pistols.

Gun Building / Re: Rounding rifle stock
« Last post by Ed Wenger on Today at 06:08:13 AM »
It helps me, when shaping a stock, to think of it, and shape it, like an octagon.  Top, bottom, sides, and obliques.  Especially through the wrist and forearm area, which are typically more “round”.  Form the area to that octagonal shape, then round off corners, rather than just trying to “make it round, or oval”.  Also, as Jack Brooks taught me, think of the stock as a fish, which is identical on both sides.  Do the same to one side as you did to the other, if that makes sense.  Best,

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