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Black Powder Shooting / Re: Larry Zornes 20 ga Loads
« Last post by D. Taylor Sapergia on Today at 07:37:30 PM »
I have found that I needed more powder than that to ring out the best accuracy potential in 20 guage.  I have found that 85 gr. of FFg GOEX and a tightly patched .600 ball gives best accuracy in my guns.
Beautifully made and finished rifle Dave.  What "red and yellow" stains do you add to the tung oil, and where can I acquire some?
Contemporary Accoutrements / Re: A BRACE OF PROUD HORNS
« Last post by John Proud on Today at 06:05:18 PM »
Thanks for posting those pictures Bob and thanks to all who complimented my work. I just "fancy up" what the cow took three years or so to make.

Work has been slow as I am recovering from my 6th spinal surgery. No bending, lifting or pulling. Looks like another month to get back to any serious shop work.

Thanks again to all for your comments. Great site to stay in touch with.

My best,

Please note. All half stocks sold. Thanks everyone. Dave  8) 8)
Hey Bill.... Glad someone bought this rifle. It is a beautiful gun that was made by Ken Guy, one of the best. Haven't heard from you for awhile are you going to the CLA Show in August ? I talked to Karl Fisher a few days ago and he is going so hope to see you there...
Gun Building / Re: Tutorial Update
« Last post by David Rase on Today at 05:15:57 PM »
I like your chunk in the photo.  Way simpler than the adjustable height one I made years ago.
A big thank you goes to Terry for organizing this school for close if not 40 years.  Next year there will be new leadership and maybe a few different classes.  Possibly knife forging. 
This was my second course and just one day of learning makes the whole trip worthwhile.  I am already looking forward to future classes.

George Suiters toolbox.  Either he or the folks in the blacksmith shop at Colonial Williamsburg made most of the tools.  Just seeing these tools can teach you a lot about gun making.
This item has sold.
Absolutely beautiful!!!

Al J.
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