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Contemporary Longrifle Collecting / Re: Hawken style rifle
« Last post by Rawhide Rick on Today at 05:31:28 PM »
That 54 cal sounds like a hefty gun, as is mine.  My pics donít do the rifle justice, itís a beautiful piece of maple, a barrel that I couldnít replace, and a lock that many consider to be about as good as can be had anywhere.  Itís the only Hawken I have that is meant to closely match the originals.  These factors have made me hesitant to take it off the wall.

I know the builders like these guns to be used, but Iíll wait just a little longer.
Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: Deluxe Wool Gun Sleeves
« Last post by Mcfred on Today at 05:29:39 PM »
Iíll take 9

Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: Powder Horn FS
« Last post by Macs69 on Today at 05:17:56 PM »
Iíll take this. Sending pm
Items for Sale/Wanted / Powder Horn FS
« Last post by Jerry on Today at 05:15:07 PM »
Iím offering for sale my Ed McDilda banded powder horn. The leather strap with patina brass buckle is of my manufacture. Horn measures 13Ē around the outside curve. Base plug is 2 1/2Ē. Curve and twist for right side carry. Price includes shipping USPS Priority Mail. $200. Thanks, Jerry

Contemporary Longrifle Collecting / Re: Hawken style rifle
« Last post by Bob Roller on Today at 04:46:24 PM »
My own Hawken build was finished and tested 53 years ago today,'
I only made one of these and they are not an easy pattern to copy.
My rifle had my lock and triggers and a Bill Large barrel that was
54 caliber and 1and1/8 by 34 with a solid breech and tang
which was a booger to inlet.Tom Dawson made a butt plate for me
and the trigger guard came from lockmaker Harold Robbins.
This interest in the Hawken rifles continues thru the present day and
I hope someone will start making better locks for them,
Bob Roller
Items for Sale/Wanted / Re: Powder horn F/S
« Last post by DMacKay on Today at 04:40:38 PM »
If you have additional horns, Iím interested as well.
Also included in Hick's book on pages 79-80, published in 1940, and regurgitated by Pete Schmidt and George Moller whose books were published in 2007 and 2011 respectively, is the ordnance correspondence related to the percussion alteration of flint muskets and rifles.
Gun Building / Re: Fowler barrel
« Last post by rich pierce on Today at 04:04:56 PM »
Track of the wolf has some in stock.

The Colerain barrels are good and authentic in styling. Their own which are cheaper have a straight octagon section then a straight round section, I think. Should shoot fine but look different.
Muzzleloader Building Supply has some.
Iíve got one or two 20 gauge octagon to round barrels I could part with. Send me a PM if interested.

Thank you for the updates. Very interesting stuff!

Gun Building / Re: Lock polishing
« Last post by Bob Roller on Today at 03:37:51 PM »
Look in Shop Made Tools for Feb 2016 and see the remake I did on a common bench
grinder and this may help with some aspects of lock polishing.I still use it in my trigger
Bob Roller
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