Author Topic: Peep/tang sights back in "the day"?  (Read 16446 times)

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Re: Peep/tang sights back in "the day"?
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Here's a Peep Sight setup I put on a Halfstock Rifle I just built. I mounted a P.I.Spence on the rear and a hooded front sight. Rear sight is adjustable windage and elevation, really a nice well made sight. Front sight has an adjustable round post in it, it is threaded into the base of the sight, so you have some elevation adjustment there as well.
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Re: Peep/tang sights back in "the day"?
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I Know this may not be Relevant Buttt . I been shooting a lot of Smooth Bore /Trade Gun.
Guess what they don't have a rear sight!

I was sceptical at first being a rifle shooter but i can tell you with load development and practice they can be surprisingly accurate  i shoot mine offhand out to 75 yards regularly and can hit a 9 inch gong pretty well

I shoot small stuff too little gongs at 40 yards.

NOW LET ME TELL YOU THIS ...............

I once saw a English gun with a Rib about 1/8 inch wide full length with a Gold Bead on the front , I don't Know if It was SmoothBore or not, but the Barrel was round full length.
And the RIB--- "GET THIS " Solid with the Barrel, not Soldered on but Machined right with the barrel with a bead on the front.( Those Darn English)

I think If you had a rifled Bore - On  that Round Barrel with the small Rib and Bead out front ,  It would be real neat and pretty accurate  too, enough to Ring the Gongs!

Just sounding off a little.

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Re: Peep/tang sights back in "the day"?
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In the mid 1800's, double English guns, according to Forsyth, should have sight leaves that all fold flat.  Sighting for point blank shooting
is done by simply sighting down the rib and using only the bead at the front.  Sufficient elevation is given by the larger breeches of the barrels.
My own .69 rifle has 3 leaves that all fold flat. Point blank shooting, out to 50 yards, is taken over the rear sight boss, putting the bead on top
of the folded front leaf. This gives exactly the same elevation as if raising the rear leaf.
With the normal trail walk charge of 82 to 85gr. 2F, this gives a 25 and 50 yard zero. With the hunting load, this sighting, flat over the folded leaves
gives a 100 yard zero. Thus, for normal hunting range to about 120yards, no leaf needs to be raised if there isn't time.  The accuracy with this
arrangement is just fine.
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Re: Peep/tang sights back in "the day"?
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Here is mine , really does help